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Male Species wants every man to look and feel his best. How you look is important in defining who you are. 

Responsible skin care is a necessity, not a luxury. "SKIN THAT WINS" products help you look incredible and feel confident about your appearance.  Your life is reflected in your skin. Exposure to sunlight, natural aging and lifestyle factors can diminish skin’s vitality. As the cell renewal cycle becomes less efficient, skin becomes rough in texture, loses its tone and is blotchy and uneven in color. Male Species skin care helps to combat natural aging and lifestyle factors that diminish skin’s vitality and restores skin health at a cellular level.

Designed specifically for a man’s skin, Male Species skin care offers powerful hydrating antioxidant formulas infused with vitamins, essential marine, herbal and botanical derivatives, carefully selected for their potency in regenerating cells and promoting skin elasticity. Male Species wants to help men rejuvenate and preserve their skin for years to come.

Male Species cosmetics help to enhance a man’s skin, from foundations that even the skin tone, to concealers that hide flaws and imperfections like dark circles under the eyes, pigment spots, blemishes and shaving nicks, to anti-shine and powders to correct a shiny face. The end result is a non-detectable natural finish and healthier looking skin. The entire face is enhanced, skin looks better and minor flaws disappear, without a colorful or powdery look. Products maintain their integrity under water and through heat, humidity and activity – they will not melt or sweat off.


All products are fragrance-free, animal test-free, soap-free & dye-free

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