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"A trend for men who live to groom is cosmetics".
Lisa Ciccarone, owner of www.malespecies.com, a Las Vegas cosmetics company for men, says she's seen her business steadily increase in her 19 years of existence. Men who use anything from bronzers to concealers to eyeliners are happily and boldly purchasing her products.
The idea of men running to the restroom to touch up their faces may seem a bit far-fetched, but according to statistics, it's not completely far off.
Men's cosmetics are different because they're not as noticeable, which is, of course, what men want. Ciccarone says many of her customers who've had plastic surgery use her makeup and skincare line to help them heal and to hide any visible scarring.
"You can't see these cosmetics," she says. "Men don't want anything showing on their faces." "
                                         Florida Today, January
"Make over your mug with Hydrating Face Wash from Male Species, a soap-free, non-drying formula packed with antioxidants to remove impurities without stripping skin's natural oils.  You'll wash away residue but retain moisture.  Once a week, try the brand's Energy Face Scrub: Its mild exfoliation removes dead skin cells to help avoid enlarged pores and unsightly blackheads."

                                 Penthouse Magazine, August
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                                        Your Guide to Looking Good

"So Guys.  We are long overdue in putting our best face forward.  Cosmetics for men is one of the fastest growing retail categories.  Women have gotten the pass for covering their flaws since time began.  It's time to face up to the task and take a few extra minutes in the mirror - which can't hurt your manhood - perhaps will enhance it.  Get real.  The purpose for having a nice puss is so someone will want to kiss it.  First and foremost, do it for yourself.

From moisturizers and shaving products to make-up for men, the common threads of this extensive line for the serious male user are Hemp, containing high levels of essential fatty acids, and Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant.  These key ingredients promote cell renewal and replenish natural moisture in a fragrance-free and animal test-free platform.  Their selection, quality and packaging completely changed my way of thinking about the future of skin care for men."

                               By Michael Vidor
                               Central Coast Magazine, April

"At first the company catered to the entertainment industry, models, actors, television presenters--mostly men who needed makeup for their work.  After just a few years, with the advent of a few television shows (i.e. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) and more straight men taking an interest in their appearance, demand for personal care products for men has skyrocketed, and Las Vegas' own Male Species is there, ready to fill the void."

                                       Las Vegas Life, March